Preschool Early Education Program in Toms River, NJ

As your toddler grows, they go through a vital developmental process. These important years, from around age two to age six, can shape your child into who they will become. Little Explorers Ed-U-Care Program offers preschool early education in Toms River, NJ, to ensure that your children start off on the right foot.

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Little Explorers Ed-U-Care Program has been around since 1983, and we’ve been working with the Ed-U-Care program ever since. This type of program focuses on blending the best aspects of childcare with a personalized and creative education program.

Our curriculum is a two- to three-year program, usually for kids between ages two and six, that will help your children gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as they grow. We also teach traditional values, such as respect for God, parents, and our country, to help children gain morals as well.

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At Little Explorers Ed-U-Care Program, we focus on unique learning experiences in a Christian environment. We are licensed and state-certified to offer this education, and with our decades of experience, we’re confident your children will love it here.

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Our Program


Little Explorers Ed-U-Care is an early intervention program designed to take the very best aspects of childcare and blend it with a very unique and creative educational program.  When expert love and quality care are combined with a curriculum that is highly structured and diversified, you have the foundation for a program that has grown continuously for over 32 years.

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Kiddies Corner

Child with project

Jo encourages us to be ourselves. She works hard to let us have a good time in learning. She teaches us how to manage our time and use our resources.

Margaret Horn

The Little Explorers program helped prepare both my children for elementary school. My daughter was reading prior to starting Kindergarten and my son was exposed to educational concepts that prepared him to begin school. In addition to the educational benefits of the program, it also helped my children to develop their social skills as they were learning with a group of other children. They came to think of their fellow students and especially Josephine as an extended family.

My son had some issues with math concepts.  Jo has given him extra work that has helped him reinforce his math skills, and has been a great help to him when completing homework and school projects in her After School program, which begins at the kindergarten level. Her assistance and encouragement has helped my son, now 9, learn good study skills.

Annemarie Koba

Jo is a little “out of the box.” She teaches them anything and everything, bringing in an all-inclusive point of view to such topics as holidays, religion, and politics.

Stephanie Koerner

JoJo is the greatest teacher I’ve ever met in my whole life. She works very hard with me and we both love Harry Potter, Star Wars, dinosaurs and being creative.

Mark Koba

Party time is always fun time with JoJo. We celebrate all the holidays, special events and birthdays!! I really have lots of fun when we bake together.

Madelyn M

Thank you for getting me to where I am today and encouraging me to always do my best. JoJo is kind and loving and a tough teacher too. That’s why I love her.

Alina Callas

Vito has succeeded in all his classes due to the strong and solid foundation you gave him in preschool. You always told me that every piece to the pyramid has to be put in its rightful spot.

Kathy Pecorella


Thanks for being you.

You’re one fantastic teacher.. thanks for all you’ve done.

You’re the best teacher.

You are a remarkable, kind & beautiful person. You will have a place in our hearts forever & always.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Thank you for all you’ve done for our son. He has grown in leaps & bounds academically & socially.

I never worry when I’m at work, because I know my children are in good hands & good company.

I have been blessed & so lucky to have known you. You are a wonderful person.

We appreciate the care & time you take teaching our son.  You are a wonderful friend and teacher.

Thank you for making our daughter’s year in “K” so enjoyable.

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful learning experience you have given to our daughter.

Your program is superior to any other program.

Thank you for your time & patience. You are truly heaven sent.

Thank you for being the best teacher in the world.

You are the “Angel of Knowledge”.   We can never thank you enough for your help, love & support.

You are a special person. Keep up the good work!

Our son looks forward to coming to school and loves being with you.

We are so thankful you are such an important influence on our grandchildren.

Your vision has made a positive difference – you’ll always be remembered.

You really put your heart into all you do.

You always manage to make us feel special. God bless you.

You hold a very special place in our hearts. You have a lasting impression in our lives.

You are so very thoughtful & with all you do – continue to amaze us each passing week!

We are truly blessed to know our daughter is with such a gift from God each week.

You are such a blessing & we are truly thankful for you & all you do with the children.

Thank you for giving your time, your energy and yourself.   Many thanks.

Since our son has started with you, he has come a long way.  You have done a great job!

Your patience, dedication and love for the children is obvious in all that you do!

You are truly one-of-a-kind! We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher for our daughter!

Thanks for being YOU! We appreciate all you’ve done for us.

You always do the nicest things!

You are a unique and exceptional teacher with so much to offer… you have formed a base from which our son will grow academically and emotionally…

You are like a family member to us!!

It is reassuring to know that my children have received the best care…it is truly evident that each of your students are special to you…

You definitely have been blessed with a true talent… a gift for children…

I couldn’t think of any other day care/nursery school I would ever send my children to!

We hope our daughter will be fortunate enough to experience teachers as wonderful as you!

You are a warm, caring, trusting, and patient individual who has helped my children develop emotionally and educationally…

Your remarkable attribute was to strike a unique harmony between discipline and firmness combined with respect from your students and parents…

You have made learning a fun experience!

You are a conscientious and warm individual with limitless energy and your dedication, which was always outstanding, allowed me to depend on you with confidence!

My son has always astounded me with the verbal communications and knowledge he is taught on a daily basis!

You have taught my daughter morals and values that are so lacking in our society today!   Your love is genuine!

You have done an exceptional job in creating an educational atmosphere in which your students develop scholastically and socially!

You have a safe, loving, nurturing, and educational environment with discipline and mutual respect…

You always know when a child needs a little extra TLC!

Our children are blessed to have had such a wonderful nursery school experience with you!

You have given my son the highest quality of education…

You always put the welfare and education of your students first!

You have been the number one person who has shared in every aspect of our daughter’s life with love, empathy, and wisdom…

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