Jo’s Poems


Easter eggs and jelly -beans – – – orange, yellow, pink, blue and green,

               just to name a few…

               polka dots, stripes, and solids, too.

Mysteriously scattered around yards, porches and trees, adorning houses, and fences ever so free.

Sparkling little faces, glowing, and beaming, in anticipation of this joyful event.

Tiny little feet threading ever so lightly on green colored grass.

Tiptoeing ever so carefully not to step on any of their soon-to-be edible treasures.

Eagerly enjoying this long waited yearly hunt to recover pastel jewels, left so cleverly and generously behind by their long-eared, hip-pity, hop-pity friend.


Elfish, devilish

Little sly fellow, sometimes rather mellow,

               guiding and protecting his precious pot of gold, oh…

Vivacious, wicked, sneering with tiny pointed ears,

Listening carefully for unknown footsteps to soundly slip himself away.

Dancing in a circle

And flocking little fiddles,

Night time approaches – – – festive time has begun.

Coat tails flying, faces glowing, little feet kicking up a storm with abounding jugs of

               merriment and untold endless energy.

Planning, playing little practical jokes, while tapping tiny manners behind a tall oak.


Red, orange, yellow, blue

These are the colors I love so true

Pink, green, orange, white

They stand bright and are out of sight

Colors, colors, everywhere

On my hair and eyes so rare

Green so keen, it makes me scream

Pink, soft as mink, makes me blush in a wink

Yellow mellow, so sublime

It shines in the sky anytime

God’s rainbow, shining through,

Promises held, ever so true.

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