What is the Ed-U-Care Program? 

Ed-U-Care is an early intervention program designed to take the very best aspects of childcare and blend it with a very unique and creative educational program.  When expert love and quality care are combined with a curriculum that is highly structured and diversified, you have the foundation for a program that has grown continuously for over 32 years.

LITTLE EXPLORERS, a two to three year cumulative curriculum, allows children between the ages of 2 ½ and 6 to interact with each other while attaining special learning skills.  First, younger and older children learn from each other in-group activities.  Then the children are divided into their appropriate age groups for specifically designed programs.

The before and after school program, ages 5-11, along with the summer tutoring, has proven to be extremely beneficial in providing the necessary reinforcement and advancement that Kindergarten and elementary school aged children need.   The program allows for one on one rapport with homework aid, help in subject projects, reading, holiday fun, continuation of poetry and story writing, along with arts and crafts.

As a tribute to the success of this specialized approach, the growth of LITTLE EXPLORERS has been primarily through word of mouth.  With little advertising this program has been operating at full capacity since its inception.

The most enduring quality of the ED-U-CARE program is the firm belief in providing traditional morals and values.  A child is given a foundation in respect for God, country, and family.  Current events, national and religious holidays, and special family days, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents’ Day are celebrated.

Children have a thirst for knowledge that adults sometime under-estimate.  When provided with a stimulating learning environment many children can absorb more information with enthusiasm, especially in challenging and fun filled surroundings. If started on the right path and at an early age, each child will have a chance to achieve academic growth, based upon a solid foundation which will provide long term success in college and career readiness.

Important qualities, which are engrained in the children are self-esteem, pride, independence, persistence, tolerance, patience, and of course love.  These traits emerge especially during group social activities. Through the Arts and Crafts program, history, science, geography, health education, safety, and holiday lessons evolve.  Topics are taught in theme formats allowing a broader range of related material for greater understanding.  Many lessons center on baking and cooking with participation by all students.  Children are motivated to do more and therefore produce more.  Quality input gets quality results.

Academic skills are an everyday staple of LITTLE EXPLORERS. From the age of 2 ½, alphabet recognition, colors, shapes, number recognition, math skills, phonetics, and the skills leading to reading, are some of the major areas of concentration.  A key element here is parental follow-up each night.  This creates reinforcement in the child while fostering a communication bond between parent, child and teacher thereby monitoring problems and progress.

LITTLE EXPLORERS  has always been proud supporters of both our military and law enforcement officials with our school curriculum incorporating lessons of leadership, community work and appreciation  for the unending sacrifices and commitments these brave men and women have dedicated their lives to.

The program has evolved to include additional skills and self expression in the areas of poetry and story writing with artistic illustrations, as well as public musical performances to develop self confidence and community awareness.

I hope that one day you can be able to experience the pride and accomplishments that this program offers.


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