35th Anniversary

I would like to personally thank all the “Little Explorers” and their parents for having faith, confidence and trust in me, my preschool and After-School Program. The past 35 years have been enriched with love, joy and happiness from everyone who entered into my various learning curriculum’s.

The friendships that have been made from year to year, coupled with the children’s enthusiasm and desire to learn and share their ideas, have truly made us a “loving school family”. I can’t begin to express the importance of being made to feel like a part of your family and your lives. We were all in it together with one important objective—the education and total well-being of your child.

I hope to continue expanding and sharing my program for years to come with the same exuberance and excitement that prompted me 35 years ago.

Once again, thank you for your love, loyalty and support.


Josephine Coluccio