Jo - About pageHi, my name is Josephine Coluccio. As a certified educator with over 40 years of teaching experience, I began my professional career in a private school in New York, where I had the enjoyment and pleasure of working with 6th grade students. I was also fortunate to work with preschoolers at a privately funded Italian-American day care center where they offered me the position of director. One of the important aspects in my years of teaching has been to keep education at its highest level while fostering self esteem, pride and tolerance within each child.

Since 1983, it has always been my goal to prepare children for kindergarten, and future grades of study, while keeping a home based environment. Comfort and security, accompanied with love, patience and guidance, provides a foundation for very young children. My clients have always appreciated the loving and caring environment that allows my academic program to flourish.

What is Ed-U-Care?

  • Private  Christian based in-home education
  • Highly structured with traditional learning
  • Full-day, year-round program with successful curriculum
  • Preschool,  Before and After School programs with homework assistance
  • Meals and snacks provided
  • Outdoor Play
  • Extended day care hours
  • Proudly serving our military and law enforcement families
  • Thematic Science Programs- – – Literary Concepts
  • Story and Poetry Writing – – Music – – Cooking
  • Tutoring – – Artistic Creative Expressions
  • Summer tutoring and advancement with Creative Learning programs for ages 2 1/2 to 11.(click for more info)
  • Community involvement through charity drives and holiday performances

Jo-Jo’s Poetic Corner