Soldiers’ Prayer

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Oh Lord,  Guide and oversee our brave, courageous and patriotic men and women who unselfishly and dutifully are:

Safely guarding and protecting

Our most valuable assets – – – the

Lives and land of the American people.

Defending our values, beliefs and

Ideals while trying to

Establish a trusting and friendly rapport with fear-ridden people, who have longed
for a

Restructuring of a new and democratic regime which, Godwilling, will soon provide them
with the

Sanctity and peace of mind they so desperately need.



Pray that God will watch over and guide our soldiers along with their military leaders,

Redeeming the souls of the innocent victims, who had NO other

Alternative than to compromise or

Yield to the

Eccentric and diabolical demands of a

Ruthless and ravaged mind.


Pray that God will help us find a speedy end to this inevitable and unavoidable war.

Restore our service people and allies to their families. Provide

A peaceful resolution that will

Yield a friendlier and more humane society who will

Echo the sounds of liberty and freedom with


May each and every one of us appreciate the pains and sacrifices that our military heroes are willing to undergo so that you and I may keep freedom alive in America.

God bless our President,
God bless our troops and allies,
God bless America!
Jo Jo Coluccio