On Easter all Christians celebrate the remarkable story of how Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was crucified on the cross on Good Friday, placed in a tomb for three days and gloriously rose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning.

Jesus, the sacrificial lamb, gave His life for us in order to pay for the sins of man and to open the Gates of Heaven so that one day, when we pass on from this earthly world, we will be able to see Our Lord and spend eternal happiness with Him. This will only be fulfilled if we have true faith in Our Lord, the Son of God.

The Easter season began with Lent, a 40-day period of fasting and repenting for our own sins. At Little Explorers we begin the Lenten season by choosing to do something nice or different for a special person each day of the week and to offer it up to God in return for what He has done for us. It is important for children to begin to understand the relationship we should share with the Lord and the sacrifices he has made for us at an early age.

We view the Easter bunny as a sign of joy and happiness, bringing the children “sweet treats” after the sufferings Our Lord has gone through for them.

They realize he is not the real reason for the season—Jesus Is!!!

I would like to share some of the haikus or other forms of poetry the children have written for Easter. I hope you enjoy them.

Jesus died on the Cross.
Jesus sacrificed Himself for our sins.
Jesus rose from the dead.
Jesus opened the Gates of Heaven
as a sign of God’s love for us.
Tulips and white lilies bloom as a sign of God’s love
for us on Easter Sunday.


E A S T E R, Alina C. - 8

Easter Sunday… a Holy day.
Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
Shed a tear, rejoice and give praise to Him, Alleluia,
For Jesus opened the Gates of Heaven for all who
truly believe in Him.
Easter lilies and tulips bloom out of God’s love for us.
New Life—A sign of Spring!

E A S T E R, Madelyn - 6 1/2

The Easter Bunny
Is hopping to my big house
To hide Easter eggs!!!

The Easter Bunny, Margaret H. - 10

Hi, Easter Bunny!
How did you get into my house today?
Maybe you shrunk yourself and slid under the door?
Or possibly you went down the chimney like Santa?
Although, I wonder if you became invisible and ate
the last two carrot cookies?
However you got in I’m glad you’re here because
My Easter basket is very near!!!!!

Easter Bunny, Mark K. - 9


EASTER, Landon B. - 4 ½

A time for fun!
Egg hunts under the sun.
Leaving carrots for the Easter Bunny,
Who is very funny.
I LOVE you Easter Bunny!!!

Easter, Dakota G. - 4 1/2

Easter bonnets,
Easter parade,
Easter clothes,
Baskets filled with candies, colored eggs and jelly
Peter, won’t you come on an egg hunt with me

Peter Cottontail, Madelyn M. - 6 1/2

Plants grow pretty for spring.
Baby animals are being born.
Flowers bloom.
Chicks splash in big puddles of rain.
Kids play in the park.
Easter brings growth and new life, too.
Fruits and veggies start to sprout.
Sunny days, clear skies,
I like SPRING!

S P R I N G, Alina C. - 8