All children, no matter what their race, creed or background are entitled to high quality, highly structured education. Early intervention is an important aspect and necessity for shaping, molding and helping a child to learn and retain information for an integral part of his own life.

Education begins when a child is in utero. The sound of his/her mother’s voice, soothing music, animal sounds and other “noises” begin to take shape when an embryo is developing. When an infant is born it recognizes its mother’s heartbeat and breathing which is a form of comfort and security to a newborn who is now out of its ”comfort zone” and in a new and totally open environment. Every sound this new and precious creation hears will now become a part of its learning process. What and how a child learns from its beginning moment of life will be a key factor in its future development. I believe that a child’s mold will be cast by the time he/she is between five and eight years of age depending on their own rate of development and the environment surrounding them.

As a true proponent of early intervention in the field of education, I cannot stress enough the importance of a learning environment for all children not only from birth but definitely between the ages of 2 1/2 and six inclusive. Quality upbringing, coupled with a highly structured education, will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, produce a positive and emotionally secure child in time to come. Self-confidence, self-esteem, a positive attitude and outlook at life, a sense of caring and concern for others integrated with a true desire to learn will blossom, if the child is well watered with love, care, constructive criticism and the attention and time he/she needs in order to succeed in life not only for themselves, but to set the nurturing example for others around them.

For forty years I have watched children grow and succeed with positive outlooks in life and in their own future and careers.

Having owned my own preschool for thirty years and being given the task and privilege of educating each and every loving child that came before me, I can truly say that God has blessed me tremendously. I was afforded the opportunity to develop my highly structured program for preschoolers and “K” children while watching with joy or listening to the stories told by family and friends of the fine accomplishments of each and every one of them. No teacher could be any prouder!!!!!! The children would remind me of one of my famous words of wisdom, “no tickee, no shirtie!!!!!” They understood that without the skills and input required from them they would not achieve the goals they truly desired.

If you get an opportunity you might want to look into my preschool program and share it with other parents who are seeking a fun-loving environment and educational experience for their child.

I’d like to share with you just four of the poems my preschoolers and after school children recently wrote. I hope you enjoy the Haikus while seeing what happens when creativity is allowed to evolve.

Opening presents
Looking at the Christmas tree
Eating candy canes. By: Landon Almost 4

Santa’s on his way,
Christmas time is almost here,
Waiting for Jesus. By: Alina 7 1/2 Years old

Shepherd’s tending sheep
The coming of Jesus Christ
Angels praising God. By: Mark 9 Years old

Christmas presents for
me, Charlie, my family
under the blue tree. By: Dakota 4 Years old