On the second Sunday in May, children in the United States wake up in great anticipation of celebrating a special day for their mothers. It is a special day when children of all ages can treat their mothers as a “Queen” and royally indulge her to something special for the day. It is the child’s way of saying “Thank You” to their mother for all the sacrifices, patience and long hard hours she has spent in raising and caring for them. Some children might make home-made gifts, buy flowers or even prepare breakfast in bed or dinner. Sometimes dad helps out in taking mom and the family out for dinner or barbecuing mom’s favorites. Any way you slice it all moms deserve a day off from cooking and cleaning!!!!!!! It’s our way of showing how much MOM is really appreciated.

The red carnation is the official flower for Mother’s Day. How then did this tradition get started? During the Civil War peace activists like Ann Jarvis created Mother’s Day Work Clubs to help address public health issues that were escalating due to the war.

When Ann died in l905, her daughter, Anna Jarvis, started a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States. As a child Anna helped her mother take care of their garden where they grew white carnations. Ann loved these flowers! Anna wanted to honor her mother and all mothers for all the work they had done in raising their children.

In l908 Anna Jarvis held the first celebration for Mother’s Day when she held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia. Due to Anna’s persistence several states officially recognized Mother’s Day. By 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation declaring that the second Sunday in May be officially called Mother’s Day, a national holiday to honor all mothers.

My preschoolers and After-school children can’t wait to start projects for their mothers. Homemade cards, painted flowers or homemade cookies are just a few of our favorite things to indulge mom in. Our most sentimental gift is in their writings about their moms and I would like to share some of them with you.

Mom is a great cook and hard worker.
Loving, and of course,
The BEST Mom to me!!
I LOVE Her!!!

MY MOM, Mark K. - 9

Mom helps me clean my room
Outstanding baker
Mom draws hearts on my chalkboard
I Love You

M O M, Dakota G. - 4 1/2

Mom is really great
Offers to go out of her way for me
Makes yummy pancakes!!!
You’re The Best!!!

MOM, Landon B. - 4

Magnificent at running
Outstanding Science teacher
Motivating when children are doing work
My papers never go unsigned
Yahoo, for moms all around the world!!!!!

MOMMY, Margaret H. - 10

My Mom is the best!
Most of all she loves ME and I Love Her!

M O M, Madelyn M. - 7