St. Valentine’s Day

The origin of St. Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century when an oppressive Roman emperor named Claudius II ordered all Romans to worship 12 gods, and if they didn’t Claudius II made it a crime punishable by death knowing it would be unacceptable to Christians. Claudius also prohibited young people to marry believing


All children, no matter what their race, creed or background are entitled to high quality, highly structured education. Early intervention is an important aspect and necessity for shaping, molding and helping a child to learn and retain information for an integral part of his own life. Education begins when a child is in utero. The


HAPPY NEW YEAR Another year has literally flown by and it’s that time once again to review our actions and performances during 2014. This is a fabulous time to sit down with the whole family and discuss what “New Year Resolutions” are really all about. Working as a family and discussing “bad habits, faults and

CHRISTMAS The Birth of Jesus

Every year on December 25 Catholics and Christians alike celebrate a beloved and traditional holy day commemorating the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The story of the birth of Jesus has touched the hearts of children around the world in anticipation of his coming. In countries around the


Every year after Halloween, adults and children are surrounded with an aura of holiday items and accessories in department stores, on television, in catalogues, on the internet, in magazines, in our mail boxes, etc. getting people ready for the Christmas season. Many of us are overwhelmed with the magnificent displays and holiday shows which preempt

Have A Safe Halloween

It’s that time of year again when children are excited and overwhelmed with holiday festivities surrounding the autumn holidays.  What costume should they choose for Halloween and who will they be going trick or treating with?  High anticipation of spooky parties and of course, what yummy and delicious treats will they receive on Halloween night


DISCIPLINE….A word that raises eyebrows whenever it’s used due to the context it is in reference to. Discipline can have different meanings to each individual when asked on the spot. What does it actually mean? Webster’s children’s dictionary defines it “as training that teaches one to obey rules and control one’s behavior; self-control; orderliness; to

Happy Grandparent’s Day

I would first like to congratulate all grandparents---veterans and new-to-be on this glorious and magnificent day! Where would all the children of today be without the love, attention and time given by this special group of people? Credit has to be given to a dedicated woman, who wanted the elderly to be respected and honored

Which Backpack Should I Choose?

                                                                    9-6-14 With the opening of the new school year, parents are busying shopping not only for clothes and school supplies, but for the best backpack that will accommodate their child’s needs. Over the years, I have watched children go to school with a variety of bags in all different sizes, colors and character preferences.


9-2-14   After a long, tiring and stressful day at work, the last thing a parent wants to look forward to is an evening of unrest and chaos. Setting up rules for the week will be helpful and keep the whole family in line. It is important to express to your child exactly what your

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